The project demonstration area in Vienna is located in the central part of the south-eastern district of Simmering between Simmeringer Hauptstraße (an ancient main street axis) and the eastern railway line (Geiselberg, Enkplatz). In total, 21 000 inhabitants will benefit from smart project solutions within the fields refurbishment, energy, mobility and information and communication technologies. An emphasis is made on dialogue, in line with the Vienna Smart City Framework Strategy where the human dimension of the Smart City is the focus of attention. Dialogue includes all generations and backgrounds aiming at contributing to an integrated societal dynamic. Partnership includes all actors, from government to citizens to business players, where everyone has a specific responsibility towards achieving the common goals.
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  • refurbish three residential neighborhoods with 1,300 inhabitants and a total floor surface of 75,000 m2
  • ensure savings of 6000000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year in all refurbished housing complexes together. This corresponds to the energy use of about 700 housing units
  • guarantee more sustainable and future-oriented energy supply with 9,000,000 kWh provided by renewable energy sources (thermic as well as electric energy), which will result in considerable savings for the tenants in energy and heating costs.
  • save about 550 tons of CO2
  • secure and/or create 900
  • promote an intensive governance learning process by involving eight departments of the City of Vienna’s administration, ensuring that the experiences and results of the project will be integrated in a sustainable way all over the city


Focus Participation

The inhabitants of the project area have the opportunity to participate in different ways and on different levels in the development of their smart district:

  • information, advisory and participatory activities in the SMARTER TOGETHER Information Mobile “SIMmobil”
  • cooperation with the community college VHS Simmering, local institutions and businesses
  • joint reflections on smart city themes (for instance, with pupils of the secondary school NMS Enkplatz)
  • participation in projects on mobility or refurbishment
  • energy (‘driving’) license and, respesctively, training for pupils and tenants.


Focus Mobility

The strategy on mobility will be elaborated so that it contributes to the climate goals, as well as to a high quality of life in the district:

  • sharing offers: e-bikes and e-cars in the district for tenants
  • e-vans for the post and smart logistics solutions
  • e-mobility on the Siemens industrial site
  • information on smart use of mobility offers
  • local mobility consultancy


Focus Refurbishment

  • thermic-energetic measures
  • use of photovoltaic and solar heat
  • energy-saving lighting systems
  • e-cars for housing communities
  • zero-energy-gym showcase in the secondary school NMS Enkplatz


Focus Energy

Climate-friendly energy systems will be developed and implemented with the aim of contributing to the UN and smart city climate goals:

  • waste heat recovery and use of solar heat (transformation of solar energy into heat) for 3,000 households
  • further development of district heating through use of local renewable energy sources
  • 100,000 kWh per year produced by photovoltaic installations (transformation of solar energy into electricity)
  • district heat connection to 250 flats
  • accompanying monitoring and optimization of energy systems

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