SMARTER TOGETHER, SCIS and EERA with a joint stand at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona


first General

Assembly is taking

place on

15-17 February 2017

in Munich!

The first SMARTER TOGETHER General Assembly is taking place in Munich, from 15th to 17th of February, 2017 and will take stock of the first year of the programme while looking to the future. SMARTER TOGETHER is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life in urban areas. The programme seeks to use creative means or refurbishment measures in order to explore new ways of adding value to urban life. Through ICT, citizen engagement and institutional governance, SMARTER TOGETHER is delivering smart and inclusive solutions to urban issues.

SMARTER TOGETHER has three lighthouse cities (Munich, Vienna and Lyon) and three follower cities (Santiago de Compostela, Sofia and Venice) which follow and replicate the key finding from the lighthouse cities. There are also two observer cities (Kiev and Yokohama) which serve to bring Eastern European and Asian perspectives to the programme and as a mode for outreach and expansion.

The General Assembly will start on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 with a gathering of the SMARTER TOGETHER core group and an advisory board meeting, followed by a welcome dinner hosted by the Mayors of the cities involved. Beginning the next day there will be a presentation of the project and the main outcomes to date. The work of the General Assembly will focus on several thematic areas and set the groundwork for the next steps for the SMARTER TOGETHER programme.

The thematic work sessions for day two are:

  • City Engagement – Innovation Labs
  • Holistic Refurbishment in Smart Districts
  • District Heating and Renewables
  • Data Management/Smart Platforms
  • E-Mobility.

It is through these thematic areas that the work of SMARTER TOGETHER is divided and focused.

SMARTER TOGETHER is dedicated to finding ways to improve urban life; not just for one city or region, but everywhere. The programme is focused on experimenting, measuring and replicating positive results across various urban environments. Day three of the General Assembly will focus on monitoring and evaluating the project and all of its work. A project Wiki and standardised best practices will be developed and later disseminated, and a Replication Task Force will set about the work of recreating successes from one city to the next.

The SMARTER TOGETHER General Assembly is a way to monitor the program and guide its development while at the same time deepening the connection between participating areas and creating conditions to replicate the improvements made in urban districts.

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