Smarter Together Implementation in Action - Lyon Confluence


District Heating System

Most of the works for the district heating network in Lyon-Confluence area are finished and seven buildings are now connected to district heating. The installation of communication infrastructure in the substations of the district are in progress, in order to be able to collect data about energy consumption.

Additional buildings are expected to be connected to the district heating system in the coming months and years. For the moment, the district heating system runs with a provisional gas-based solution for energy production. The definitive source of production will increase the proportion of biomass in the energy mix. A decision of the Lyon Metropolis regarding the technical solution for the definitive source of energy production for the district heating is expected in the course of 2017.


A photovoltaic system of 200 kWp has been installed on the roof of Chanfray Gym Hall. The connection with the Lyon metropolis data platform is in progress, to be able to get data from photovoltaic energy production in the Lyon-Confluence area. Several photovoltaic installations are planned in Lyon-Confluence by 2018 (on new-built buildings, on a refurbished building and on other public equipment) for a total of 1 MWp of newly installed photovoltaic capacity in the neighbourhood (1 MWp of PV are already installed, so at the end of Smarter Together, we will have 2 MWp of PV).


Refurbishment works are starting for the ‘Halle Girard’ (a former industrial site that will be converted into office spaces to host digital activities start-ups, with the label ‘French Tech’). It’s 5,000 m2 of space to be refurbished, with work to be completed in 18 months. Discussions are in progress with seven groups of owners to start the retrofitting work of their buildings. The first confirmations to engage in the work are expected over the course of 2017. A social housing operator (Régionale d’HLM de Lyon) has confirmed its decision to refurbish the ‘Cité Mignot’ within Smarter Together: 160 houses (9,000 m2).Start of work: early 2018.

Shared electric mobility

Four electric car charging stations are now in operation (since end of 2016)Two autonomous electric shuttles ‘Navly’ in operation since September 2016 (one-year experiment)

Data platform

Work in progress with the Lyon Metropolis and data producers to integrate energy and mobility data on the City data platform. Data will be then visualised by the Community Management System (tool made by Toshiba).

Data will be used for five objectives:

  • Evaluate the performance of new buildings
  • Evaluation the performance of refurbished buildings
  • Give information to the inhabitants about their individual energy consumption
  • Evaluate the global production and consumption of energy of the Lyon-Confluence area
  • Assess the energy consumption and the usage of shared electric mobility solutions implemented in Smarter Together

Citizen engagement

A club of users has been created to first test an application ‘ElectrYc’ made by Enedis, allowing users to see in real time the electric consumption and production of the neighbourhood. Activities are organised on a monthly basis to involve these inhabitants in better managing their energy consumption are planned in the coming months: visit of energy infrastructure, games, and exchanges. The Lyon Local Energy Agency, the SPL Lyon Confluence and the Lyon Metropolis are also involved in the program.

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