Two IVECO E-Transporters for the Postal Service in Simmering

Simmering as

a Pilot Area from

the Austrian Post

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Smarter Together


Environmentally friendly mobility such as the use of e-vehicles like e-cars, e-bikes and e-forklifts play an important role in smart urban renewal initiatives. With the help of Smarter Together a total of around EUR 46 million will be invested in Simmering, with EUR 7 million being EU funds.

Austrian Post is testing the new Iveco e-transport vehicles for environmentally friendly package delivery in the Simmering project area, it is also installing around 400 post boxes and providing additional 24/7 services such as two pick-up stations.

‘Vienna is further developing the concept of urban renewal. The pilot projects that are being carried out and evaluated in Simmering will be implemented in the future also elsewhere in the city on a broader basis - for a smart, environmentally friendly Vienna of the future with a very high quality of life,’ says City Councilor for Housing Michael Ludwig.

‘The Smarter Together project targets an annual savings on energy of 6 million kWh respectively 550 tons of CO2 in the future. 900 jobs can be saved and/or partly be created. I am particularly pleased that we with Austrian Post, the State wide leading enterprise in logistics and postal services, have won as a project partner,’ underlined Mr. Ludwig.

Peter Umundum, executive in charge of Parcels & Logistics said: ‘The Austrian Post delivers alone in the Northwestern area of Simmering about 1,600 parcels weekly. In order to provide the best possible service, our drivers drive nearly 400 kilometers. As a responsible domestic company it is important to us to improve the environment and to contribute to climate protection.’

‘With the participation in the Smarter Together project, the Austrian Post gives an important contribution on the way to a largely CO2 - free city logistics of the future;’ emphasised Georg Pölzl, CEO of Österreichische Post AG. The project cost of the newly installed E-Transporters will be 70% funded by the EU.

IVECO - Daily Electric Vehicles

The first IVECO Daily Electric vehicles in Austria are now in use at Österreichische Post, and have a capacity of 60 kW with a maximum speed of 80 km/h, the vehicles are used for inner city delivery in Vienna. The environmentally sustainable impact of the vehicles is ensured through a zero emission of an all-electric operation, batteries which can be recycled to 100%, and an audible pedestrian warning system. The low-noise operation also enables night-time deliveries in urban areas. The vehicles are suitable for a loading capacity of 10.8 m³ and a range of 65 km and are ideal for deliveries in urban areas.

Around 21,000 district residents benefit from Smarter Together, which is implemented with the close involvement and participation of the population.

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