A Smart Walk-Through in Vienna

A Presentation of Project Areas

to the General Public

Smart Walk Through 1.jpg

On 26 April, Smarter Together Vienna along with the Vienna Mobility Agency organized a very successful smart walk-through of the project area for the general public from all over the city. Some 70 participants responded to the invitation for a ‘Walking Coffee’, where coffee and snacks were provided at the end of each 1 hour walking tour. Smarter Together activities in the district were presented on their specific sites so that participants had a tangible impression of the EU funding and smart city activities in action. The presentation included a broader understanding of the vision that goes far beyond single activities and are also funded in a long history and tradition of socially responsible governance. Through the inclusion of local food providers Smarter Together contributed in a very concrete way to the local economy while being even more anchored in the local network and life. A broad mix of people – from elderly pensioners to migrant children – helped make the Smarter Together vision of an integrated society while making a valuable contribution to the societal dynamics of the area more tangible.

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