Two Sites Set for Refurbishment in Lyon

Several Large Refurbishment

Projects to Begin in SPL Confluence

Refurbishment works are starting for the ‘Halle Girard’ (a former industrial site that will be converted into office spaces to host digital activities start-ups, with the label ‘French Tech’). It’s 5,000 m2 of space to be refurbished, with work to be completed in 18 months. Discussions are in progress with seven groups of owners to start the retrofitting work of their buildings. The first confirmations to engage in the work are expected over the course of 2017. A social housing operator (Régionale d’HLM de Lyon) has confirmed its decision to refurbish the ‘Cité Mignot’ within Smarter Together: 160 houses (9,000 m2). Start of work: early 2018.

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Refurbishment 3.jpgPhoto Copyright: SPL Lyon Confluence

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