A Successful Club of Cities Kick-off Meeting

Recap: The Club of Cities

Kick-off Meeting

The first meeting of the Club of Cities took place on 26 April, as part of the Energy Cities annual conference. The meeting was organized to follow, discuss, and potentially implement the measures developed within the Smarter Together project. Over 36 participants representing 32 cities were present to discuss and share experiences in order to foster learning and replication.

The new club aims to bring together cities interested in improving their capacity to implement innovative solutions through networking, study visits and online tools. Three cities already participating in the Smarter Together project (Munich, Vienna and Venice) shared their experiences in five areas of co-created and replicable integrated smart solutions: citizen engagement, district heating and renewable energy, holistic refurbishment, smart data and e-mobility.

After the cities’ presentations, a discussion was held on the future goals, structure, and expectations of the Club of Cities. The following topics were focused on in particular: the viability of replication, the ability to transfer tools and knowledge from large systems to smaller ones, and how to ensure cities benefit from the Club of Cities. Strategies for the assurance of funding, communications, open sourcing, governance, and implementation of technical integration were also discussed.

Stay tuned for more details on the next Club of Cities meeting date, taking place later this year.

For more information about the Club of Cities and how to join, please click here.



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