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WP 7 Meeting in Venice

On 4-5 May 2017, Energy Cities organized a peer-to-peer meeting of the Horizon 2020 project Smarter Together in Venice. The particular focus of the workshop was to create integrated strategies among ‘Follower Cities’, and foster participation and partnership to facilitate future replication.

The 2-day meeting included various workshops, roundtables, presentations and site visits in order to discuss project topics and foster collaboration. Among other sessions, the Smart Strategy of the city of Venice was presented, along with its Smart Mobility Plan strategy and its potential obstacles. Venice also brought various stakeholders into the discussion, and shared challenges the city faces when it comes to better communication within the municipality.

The collaborative focus on replication extended not only to the Lighthouse City model within Smarter Together, but also into joint cooperation between other SCC01 Lighthouse projects under the H2020 project funding. For example, on the 2nd day, during the citizen engagement workshop, Alessandro Lué, from Poliedra, Milano presented on behalf of the SCC01 H2020 Sharing Cities project. This presentation followed an interactive session in which participants were able to discuss the co-creation process, particularly how and when to engage citizens in local smart city, energy, climate and mobility strategies, as well as how to incorporate the co-creation process within action plans and pilot projects and initiatives.

The next WP 7 meeting is set to take place in Sofia from 11-12 July (more information coming soon). Fellow Stakeholders and Lighthouse projects are invited to take part in the continuing discussion and development of replication activities.

To access a summary in German shared by Lighthouse city Vienna, please click here.

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