Smarter Together at the #MucGov17 BarCamp

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at the #MucGov17 BarCamp

In late April 2017, some 80 participants attended a BarCamp to explore Munich’s digital future. At Munich’s Adult Education Centre (VHS), the issues of digital education, online services, data and archiving, digital communication and accessibility were tackled in 20 sessions.

Participants’ enthusiastic involvement is the lifeblood of any BarCamp. Free from the constraints of an agenda, it is participants who decide on the content of each experience and knowledge-sharing session. Individuals propose topics in pitches at the start of the event, and an ‘applause meter’ determines which ones are addressed in the sessions. BarCampers use these sessions to debate, share advice and develop new ideas.

Smarter Together sessions: ‘City App Munich’ and ‘Particulate Matter & Co’

The ‘City App Munich’ session debated plans for a Smarter Together app: What content and what services do local residents expect from such an app, and what value should it add?

One key finding was that the app should serve as a direct communication channel to local government, and provide information that is tailored to the needs of the individual user. Transparency in areas of privacy and data security is another important aspect, but there is also a desire to make as much data available as possible in the form of open data. The BarCampers feel it is important that this data should be channeled straight into urban planning.

In a session entitled ‘Particulate Matter & Co’, participants explored the issue of the sensors to be fitted in smart street lamps. In addition to measuring particulate matter, these sensors could also measure other environmental data such as temperature, air pressure, precipitation, humidity, pollen count, air quality, noise, ozone and radiation levels.

The BarCamp was organized by the City of Munich in collaboration with the city’s Adult Education Centre. Judging by the volume of positive feedback, the event was a resounding success.

For the findings published (in German) click here. More information about the BarCamp (also in German) is posted on the City of Munich’s IT blog.

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