Lyon Co-Creation Workshop - Smart Data

Lyon Co-Creation Workshop on

Smart Data Collection and Applications

On 31 May, a one-day co-creation workshop was organized in Lyon with more than 40 people in attendance, participating from a range of experience and backgrounds and bringing diverse and engaging viewpoints.

A variety of topics was addressed throughout the workshop, facilitating the discussion of ideas and solutions when it comes to data collection and analysis. This includes many concepts that are already playing a big role in the ongoing work as part of the Smarter Together project:

  • Data and data collection for buildings
  • Consumption feedback for residents
  • Data from production systems
  • Data from mobility

A comprehensive technical presentation of the Lyon data platform architecture was presented, as well as the concept of self-data and consent to access personal data, as is currently seen with the blue button and green button in the US.Co-creation is an important principle in Smarter Together, implemented as part of the Citizen Engagement focus, one of the five main pillars of the project. The lighthouse cities Lyon, Vienna, and Munich have all embraced co-creation in the process of developing citizen centered solutions not only in the areas of data and technology, but also holistic refurbishment, e-mobility, and renewable energy.

For more information on Smarter Together in Lyon, please visit the Lyon Confluence website by clicking here:

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