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mobility and traffic issues

On 29 May, students and professors from the Department of Tourism at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) visited the Living Lab to familiarize themselves with the Smarter Together project. Majoring in mobility and traffic as part of their university course, the students have already become intensively involved themselves with issues that are of primary importance to Smarter Together.

Bernhard Klassen, City of Munich project manager for Smarter Together, outlined the EU-funded project, which aims to pilot forward-looking smart city technologies. Klassen stressed the importance of involving local residents in both planning and implementation in the Neuaubing-Westkreuz neighbourhood that is hosting the project; in the Living Lab, for example: ‘If it works in a normal neighbourhood like this one, it will work well in other places too,’ he explained.

The students also had plenty of ideas and suggestions for the ‘city of tomorrow’. One idea was for a smart local job-mart in specific urban districts, with the benefit that if local firms first publicized vacancies in the immediate vicinity, it could help reduce commuter traffic. Another suggestion was for navigation aids to help tourists find the city’s main attractions posted at Smarter Together mobility stations. One thing the students and professors all agreed on: The Smarter Together activities certainly add considerable value for the neighbourhood selected for the project. Following their visit to Munich’s Living Lab, the students are now planning a trip to Vienna – another Smarter Together project partner.

To visit the website of the MUAS Department of Tourism (German only) click here.

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