Lighthouse and Follower Cities Collaborate in Lyon

Facilitating Peer-to-Peer Exchange and Replication

for Smarter Together Cities and Partners

From June 28 to 30, Smarter Together Lighthouse cities Vienna, Munich and Lyon met in the Confluence district of Lyon along with representatives from Follower cities Santiago de Compostela, Venice, and Sofia.

The meetings and workshops focused widely on citizen participation, data management, e-mobility and business models, and renewable energy and district heating applications.

Not only were the above topics explored in detail, allowing for peer-to-peer exchange on a city and partner level, but subsequent site visits also provided a real-world look into solutions that are currently being implemented across different projects in the Lyon Confluence area. These expereinces provided valuable insights especially in regards to replication, as the three Follower cities will soon also be implementing solutions as part of Smarter Together.

For a more detailed recap of meeting activities and events, please visit the full summary.

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