Smarter Together a Finalist for 2017 VCÖ Mobility Award

Smarter Together in Vienna Nominated in

"Active mobility and public space" Category

Smarter Together has been nominated as one of the top 5 finalists in the “Active mobility and public space” for the VCÖ (Austrian Mobility Club) Mobility Award 2017.

The Austrian Mobility Club, or the Austrian Mobility Club, was founded in 1988, and is an organization fully committed to ecologically sound, socially just and economically efficient mobility. The goal of the VCÖ is a transport system that allows all people, regardless of age, gender or social position, fair mobility opportunities and reduces the burden on people and the environment through traffic.

Every year, the Austrian Mobility Club rewards outstanding achievements in sustainable mobility in Austria. In 2017, more than 370 projects and concepts were submitted for the VCÖ mobility prize, all part of the theme “Mobile in a Climate Friendly Way.”

After the evaluation by a total of 41 experts, 58 projects were nominated in eleven categories for online public voting. In each category, a total of three projects could be ranked as part of the voting process, which occurred only in individual categories.

In this manner, the public was able to decide how many additional points the individual projects receive. The project with the majority of audience votes will five additional points, the second most votes three additional points, and the third most popular one additional point. The additional points will then be added to the score given by the expert jury, which will give the final result.

The original article in German posted by Smarter Together Vienna can be found at the following link.

Although voting in now closed, the promotional video made by Vienna can still be viewed here.

The final results are expected to come soon, so please stay tuned for updates!

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