A Visit with Vienna Housing Director Dr. Michael Ludwig

A Tour of the Refurbishment Site

Hauffgasse 37-47 in Simmering

On 6 June, 2017, Dr. Michael Ludwig, head of the Vienna City Council Housing department and chair of Smarter Together, visited the refurbishment site Hauffgasse 37-47 in order to get a personal impression of the refurbishment activities that have recently begun.

Dr. Ludwig also visited the Info Point, a kiosk that provides information about the ongoing works and the greater scope within the Smarter Together project. Dr. Luwig was joined by the executive president of the housing association BWSG , Mr. Wilhelm Haberzettl, as well as by staff members of Smarter Together and of the mediation unit wohnbund: consult.

As energy provider Kelag heat and car sharing provider Caruso are currently closed in the preparatory phase for their work, a full report will follow at a later date.

The full article can be accessed in German on Smarter Together Vienna’s website by clicking here.

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