Workshops, Exchanges, Study Tours - Highlights of Lyon Meeting

Replication Strategy, Peer to Peer Exchange

Define Main Themes in Lyon

From 28 to 30 June, Smarter Together Lighthouse cities, Follower cities and project partners met in Lighthouse city Lyon to discuss replication strategy, peer-to-peer exchange, and project updates such as the ongoing development of a 3D knowledge carrier for dissemination of solutions and best practices.

The first day of the meeting saw peer-to-peer exchange workshops on data management and smart services, as well as citizen engagement and incorporating citizen participation in decision making. Cross-topic peer-to-peer exchanges in the afternoon allowed for further sharing of ideas and practices.

Data Workshop Lyon.jpg

Highlights of the second day included a morning presentation by Pamela Vennin representing the Lyon Metropolis, speaking about the overall smart city strategy of Lyon and the cross-departmental cooperation and participation that is happening in order to steadily increase innovativeness and quality of life for citizens in the metropolis.

In the afternoon, attendees split up into three groups to visit demonstration sites based on differing areas of interest and expertise, showcasing the extensive work that is underway in the Confluence district: district heating and photovoltaic installation, holistic refurbishment in Cité Perrache, a renovation project of over 250 social housing units, and e-mobility including a look at CNR charging stations, Bluely e-car sharing stations, and the Navly autonomous e-shuttle. Peer-to-peer exchanges on each of the specific topics were organized just after the site visits to delve deeper into the challenges that may be present in implementing solutions in these particular areas.

Emobility visit 1.jpg Emobility Visit 2.jpg
Emobility Visit 3.jpg Study Tour.jpg
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Additionally, and extending into the third day, was the presentation of the first iteration of the knowledge carrier, a 3D map featuring project solutions and details across participating cities that will have multiple future functions on the web, within city government, and beyond. The meetings included a first look into the interface, and integration of the front and back end systems of the carrier, as well as key discussions on the future applications of such a tool in conveying the progress, achievements, significance, and replicability of the Smarter Together project.

Knowledge Carrier Lyon.jpg

Concluding three days of collaboration were meetings aimed to connect with Follower cities Santiago de Compostela, Venice, and Sofia, as well as tie in both work packages 2 and 7; peer-to-peer exchange and replication.

These productive days of workshops and exchanges hosted by SPL Confluence and Lyon Metropolis allowed the Smarter Together Lighthouse cities, Follower cities, and partners to connect, share common themes and obstacles, and conclude with newly found directions and ideas to continue impactful work as part of the Smarter Together project.

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