Siemens and Smarter Together Vienna Partner for E-mobility Solutions

E-fork Lifts, E-bike Chargers

and More for Siemens in Simmering

Since early January 2017, the Siemens factory in Simmering has been using 6 e-forklifts in an initiative that is part of the Smarter Together project.

From the beginning of the year until the end of May 2017, impressive ecological results have already been achieved thanks to this ecological move towards electric equipment:

The new e-forklifts have been used for about 2,700 hours and have been driven on the industrial site for a distance of over 12,000 kilometers. About 400,000 single items and components have been moved in the logistics center. For standard diesel forklifts, this would have meant 3,875 liters of diesel used for the same distances, which has been avoided. This corresponds to a savings in CO2 emissions of 11.1 tons!

Employees at Siemens report they are working very well, and are satisfied with their functionality. Even in the worst of the winter season, the e-forklifts have worked perfectly.

However, e-forklifts are not the only e-solution being introduced in Siemens Leberstraße. Since the end of last year, an e-van has been used for internal postal transport as part of the Smarter Together project. In Addition, 6 e-bike charging stations have been installed for the use of Siemens employees.

Source: Robert Knotek / Siemens factory Leberstraße

The original article in German from Smarter Together Vienna can be found here.

E fork lift Siemens.jpgPhoto courtesy of SiemensE post van Siemens.jpgPhoto courtesy of Bojan SchnablE bike charge Siemens.jpgPhoto courtesy of Robert Knotek, SiemensSiemens Offices Vienna.jpgPhoto courtesy of Bojan Schnabl

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