Smarter Together Munich: innovation competition for smart lamp posts

An Open Call for

Sensor-based Technologies

Start-ups, researchers and established firms operating in the fields of sensor and actuator technology are invited to submit applications for the City of Munich’s “Open Call”. We are looking for innovative ideas and technologies for sensor-based services to make specially equipped lamp posts core elements of Munich’s “smart city” strategy. In the first phase, the innovation competition will focus on the use of environmental data for three selected areas: the environment and climate data, pollutants and irritants.

Applicants are expected to propose convincing solutions which answer the following questions: How can the lamp posts collect what data from the environment safely and selectively? To what potential uses can the data be put for the neighbourhood? And what add-on functions can the lamp posts offer to passers-by in the vicinity?

The closing date for applications is November 3, 2017. Applications should be submitted in German. Details are posted on the Smarter Together Munich website.

Munich Lamp Post Open Call.jpg

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