Lyon Confluence Advances in Eco-refurbishment and District Heating Works

Progress Throughout

Lyon Confluence

During the course of the summer, many works within the framework of Smarter Together in the Lyon Confluence district were focused around eco-refurbishment and district heating activities, with progress being made throughout.

For example, on 27 June, a group of owners confirmed the eco-refurbishment of their building within Smarter Together, which will create a total of 14 housings and 1,400 m2 of holistically refurbished housing. The work is scheduled to be done in 2018.

During the course of July, a final agreement was also reached between the local authority in charge of protecting the local heritage in Lyon and the project managers involved in the ecorefurbishment of the Cité Mignot, owned by the social housing operator “Régionale d’HLM de Lyon” (social housing block of 160 housing & 9,000 m2). The coming months will be devoted to the finalization of the studies and the call for tenders. The start of the eco-refurbishment works is expected by the end of 2017.

Additionally, work has continued in order to expand the district heating throughout the Lyon Confluence area, with 12 buildings already confirming their connection to the district heating system. Below are some demonstrations of the ongoing works in progress:

To learn more about the Smarter Together project in Lyon-Confluence, please visit the city’s page dedicated to Smarter Together by clicking here.

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