Citizen engagement

Holistic approach is the key. Most innovations fail in the diffusion or adoption phase because the citizens or the cities’ representatives have not been properly involved, which results in their needs not being addressed. Therefore, we believe it is mandatory to go beyond the technology-led approach when dealing with smart city solutions. SMARTER TOGETHER is driven by a partnership approach with the citizens.

The main goals are to provide and disseminate information regarding the project to the interested parties, on one hand, and to gather opinions and feedback with respect to the optimization of technical measures, on the other. The following activities are planned to engage citizens:

  • Development of Living Labs within each demonstration area, which will act as platforms for outreach, information and communication with the public to address a variety of local stakeholders and attract high public attention

  • Conception and delivery of series of collaborative processes with relevant stakeholders, such as businesses, providers of solutions, knowledge holders, citizens and other interested parties. These collaborative processes will impact the foreseen demonstration activities and trigger their adaptation to answer the end users’ needs.

Project partners