Urban mobility is responsible for 40% of road transport related CO2 emissions and 70% of other pollutants from transport, such as nitrogen oxides and ultrafine particles. Transport and urban traffic are causing increasing issues leading to congestion, accidents and pollution. While cities strive to enhance mobility and promote sustainable transport, no solution has been found yet to fulfill the end-user need for independence and flexibility that makes individual vehicles an attractive, if not necessary, means of transportation for many households. As more than 60% of the European population lives in urban areas, mobility issues have a concrete impact on European public health as well as on citizens’ everyday life.

Therefore, our goal is to reduce the use of gas-operated, conventional cars thanks to alternative mobility solutions in order to achieve a better carbon footprint, less pollution and noise emissions.

SMARTER TOGETHER will provide sustainable e-mobility solutions co-created with local citizen and dedicated to the end-user needs. They will include:

  • E-mobility solutions for citizens, ranging from e-car-sharing powered with renewable energy sources to e-bike-sharing, all of which will be implemented with their respective charging infrastructures
  • E-mobility solutions for companies, including e-forklifts deployed in factories and warehouses, e-vans for parcel distribution and cargo-bike-sharing for last mile goods distribution
  • Mobility points integrating various means of transportation into multi-modal hubs, linking the new e-mobility solutions with the public transportation system and offering new services to citizens, such as shared reception boxes for parcel distribution
  • ICT solutions based on mobility data, such as optimized e-charging parking lots, car-pooling management tool and real-time mobility apps.

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