Smart data

Data analysis plays a fundamental role for increasing the efficiency of urban infrastructure. Likewise, it helps improving urban planning in a more precise and predictive way. However, many smart city projects developed by private companies lead to big data collection and the commercial use of such data to the detriment of citizens.

On the contrary, SMARTER TOGETHER considers that a ‘smart’ project must provide safety, respect privacy and protect citizens from abuse of their data. The three lighthouse cities share the same vision of a citizen-oriented smart city and intend to make sure that data collection benefits the interest of the public, respects privacy, considers data security and enables smart service innovations. Currently, Lyon, Munich and Vienna are involved in open data strategies and run open data platforms.

Within the project, each lighthouse city will upgrade their systems into Smart Data Platforms by integrating new datasets from energy and mobility, as well as data analysis features.

The Smart Data Platforms will all use open, standardized and well documented Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs) to share data with third parties (apps, app developers, other open data platforms or data sources) with different levels of data licenses to keep control of data use. This is the core of the lighthouse cities’ openness and interoperability strategy.

The Smart Data Platforms will enable the development of innovative end-user oriented smart city services by:

  • Increasing the number of datasets available, and encouraging the development of new services for the different user groups such as real-time mobility application
  • Stimulating a proper understanding of how infrastructure is used in different domains, of existing interdependencies between different elements of infrastructure and of the effects of external drivers such as public policy, major events and weather patterns
  • Generating an ecosystem of development partners, strengthening network effects and encouraging the participation and engagement of citizens.

The data platforms deployed in SMARTER TOGETHER are controlled by local public bodies and there will be no commercial use of personal data. The collected data will be used for the purposes of the project only.

Project partners