Vienna has a new strategy for economic development, named VIENNA 2030 – Economy & Innovation. It builds on the strengths of the business location of Vienna and makes use of the existing potential. The intention is to put forward Viennese solutions to provide answers to the big challenges of the coming years stemming from climate change to digitalisation. Vienna strives to become a world leader in these and other thematic areas. The city wants to create prosperity and quality of life for all Viennese, in particular by providing high-skilled jobs and excellent infrastructure.

  • The new Economy and Innovation Strategy aims at strengthening Vienna as a business location and at creating high-skilled jobs
  • It focuses on excellence in 6 thematic areas
  • Guidance is provided by the Vienna Economic Council, a high-ranking group of experts

Areas of leadership

The 6 thematic areas, which have been defined in the VIENNA 2030 strategy, build on the existing strengths of the location. By 2030, the following thematic areas will be developed into internationally competitive and highly visible areas of leadership:

  • Smart solutions for life in the 21st-century city
  • Vienna as a metropolis of health
  • Digitalisation, Vienna-style
  • Smart production in the big city
  • place of international encounter
  • Vienna – a metropolis of culture and creativity

Focus themes with smart Inspiration

For Smarter Together, it is particularly rewarding that, as with the Vienna Smart City Framework Strategy, smart ideas and concepts that have been developed or deepened and tested in Smarter Together can be found again. Particularly in the field of smart solutions for the urban environment of the 21st century, tested approaches can be found. Among other things, it is stated there:

Goal 1.2: Vienna faces the challenges of climate change: existing urban quarters are systematically made climate-friendly, and the next urban quarters to be built in Vienna will become internationally recognised best practices for climate-friendly urban development. Citizens will be intensively involved in this process“.

Objective 1.5: In Vienna, smart urban solutions comprise technological as well as organisational and social innovations; they are developed integrally and across all trades with the involvement of citizens.”

One thing is certain, Smarter Together is in line with the future-oriented development strategies of the City of Vienna, creating a good basis for replication.

The executive summary in German can be found here.

Vienna 2030 Strategy

Vienna 2030 Strategy