When Smarter Together started in 2016, the team chose the ambitious goal of renovating 42,000m² in private shared ownership associations within the project period and doubling the renovation rate in the project area. Just under a year before the end of the project it is clear: both targets will be exceeded by the end of Smarter Together.

Many of the apartment buildings in the project area require comprehensive modernisation due to their age. Since not every owner understands all the subtleties of necessary and possible renovations, the city of Munich offers them comprehensive free advice in redevelopment areas with the specialists of the Munich Society for Urban Renewal (MGS). The redevelopment consultation in the project area has been intensified once again within Smarter Together.

Individual consulting

The team placed a special focus on consulting for residential shared ownership associations, as these have a below-average renovation rate nationwide. This is mainly due to the fact that in their case the decision-making processes pose particular challenges. In Neuaubing-Westkreuz, MGS supported these processes not only with regard to technical measures but also in connection with legal aspects, assisted in the preparation of suitable financing concepts and in the procurement of subsidies.

Record time

Such intensive consulting and preparatory work pays off: The first refurbished property within Smarter Together in Radolfzeller Strasse is now regarded as a prime example for the whole of Munich in terms of energy efficiency. After the decision-making process, the building was brought up to new energy standards in a record time of only four months. The measures range from thermal insulation of the facades, replacement of windows, heating systems and radiators to the installation of a PV system.

Beyond the goal

Together with another refurbished system, more than 25,000 square meters have already been refurbished to in 2019. After the positive experience, further blocks of the Radolfzeller Strasse residential complex will follow this year. This means that by the end of the Smarter Together project, just over 42,000 square meters will be refurbished. The planned doubling of the refurbishment rate has also already been achieved in 2019 - it is expected to almost triple by the end of 2020.

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(c) Dominik Parzinger

(c) Dominik Parzinger